About Academy

“Tubitak Academy” is one of the main sections of Tubitak Inspection and Engineering Company which is responsible for engineering expertise training. The aim of this section is to provide training courses not only for the employees of the company but for engineers, expertise, managers and industrial experts of the country.

Tubitak Academy has cooperated with a variety of private and governmental institutions especially in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemical, transportation, metals and building industries. Utilizing expert teachers alongside national and international cooperations, we’ve gathered a long history and a handful of experience in training.

In addition, Tubitak has successfully gained International Welding Engineer license from ANB Iran, HSE Certificate from IOSH England and also received certificated of accreditation in training from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) and Iran Oil Company Subsidiaries. Tubitak Inspection and engineering Company provides training services to its customers with highly qualified teachers and specified standards in project’s site or at the academy.

Tubitak Academy training Areas:

Non-Destructive (NDT) Training Courses

Includes Visual Testing (VT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Liquide Penetrant Testing (PT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiography Testing (RT), Radiography Test Interpretation (RTI), Eddy current Testing (ET), General NDT and its standards, Introduction to the specific applications of ultrasonic testing, etc.

Technical Inspection Training Courses

Inspection of welds, pressure vessels, industrial piping systems, periodic inspection of cranes and lifting equipment, Risk Based Inspection, elevator inspection, cathodic protection, corrosion control and corrosion management services, non-destructive testing for corrosion control, paint and coating inspection, coating selection, marine coatings, marine structure inspection, selection of materials according to their corrosion resistance, underground pipeline coating standards, etc.

Design, Engineering and Welding Courses 

Principals of weld design and calculations, welding defects and their causes, welding metallurgy and heat treatment, spot welding, welding technology, principals of welding metallurgy, mechanical testing of welds (destructive testing), introduction to key to steel and steel selection techniques, stainless steel welding, tool steel welding, cast iron welding, repair welding, surface treatment, static and dynamic weld design principles, distortion control and residual stresses principles, principles of welding of various metals and their alloys, Electrode selection, Welding consumables verification and selection, distortion in welded parts and their prevention, design and manufacture of pressure vessels, argon welding.


Safety, Environment and Risk Training Courses

Principals and description of requirements, documentation and audit of HSE-MS, Risk assessment (for managers), risk management (for managers), Occupational health, safety and environment HSE, Safety management (with IOSH certificate, UK), process hazard analysis, firefighting safety principles, Firefighting HSE, general safety, crisis management, Emergency response, working at height safety.


International Welding Engineer Course (IWE)


Specialized design software and engineering analysis courses in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemical industries, mechanical, civil, architectural, electrical, industrial and mining engineering, such as: SAFE, PDMS, Piping, Solidworks, CATIA, ABAQUS, MATLAB, PLC, ETABS and more than 100 software training courses.  

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