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(Special NDT Services&Techniques, General NDT Services) 

In recent years sophisticated industries have recognized the importance of NDT to their own product quality. Critical demands are placed on NDT engineers and the techniques upon which they rely. This has led to an increasingly frequent requirement for all inspection and testing to be conducted using procedures specified and controlled by highly experienced ‘Level III’ certified engineers.

We offer the expertise of one of the largest teams of independently certified Level III engineers in the IRI. These engineers have been chosen so that their skills and experience provide a pool of knowledge covering the needs of a wide variety of engineering industries and their manufacturing techniques. (E.g. welding, casting, forging,  and fabrication etc.). Each of our engineers carries multi-disciplinary certification. Approvals have also been gained under American certification system.


Management Systems consultancy 

The desired management systems , are the systems which designed and written base on the standards OHSAS 18001 : 1999 , ISO 9001 : 2000 , ISO 14001 : 2004 , HSE , IMS and the other necessities & needed standards . And by establishing it , we can merge all the activities & organization processes in a joined organization as that organization of services presentation for planning , editing , training & establishing of a management system , consists of the following activities :

  • The preliminary assessment from the existing situation of organization and registering it .
  • Presenting the necessary trainings in the principle fields of management systems, standards & the other topics .
  • Services for designing the system , preparing & editing management systems documentations .
  • Presenting the necessary strategy and establishing the system .
  • Performance the necessary audits and assuring of necessary conditions for getting the relative certificates by received organization of consultancy services from quality inspection consultants company.
  • If client’s request , presenting consultancy services in next stages , including maintenance and improving management system .
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