The 2018 th Educational Calendar of Tubi Academy was published


The Tubi Academy (Technical Specialist Training Center), with 23 years of educational experience and working with dozens of public and private institutions (especially in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry, transportation, metals, etc.), obtaining a license International Welding Engineer (IWE) from ANB Iran and HSE License from IOSH UK, as well as obtaining certificates of training from the Ministry of Petroleum subsidiaries, as well as the Institute for Standardization and Industrial Research of Iran, and relying on experienced professors, provide credible internal certifications And international, provides the following services at the project site or at the academy:

۱- Technical inspection courses

۲- Design, engineering and welding

۳- Non-destructive testing courses (NDT)

۴- Occupational Safety, Environment and Risk (HSE)

Certificates issued at this training center for courses:

  • All participants in the training course, upon completion of the course, will be certified ATTENDANCE (CERTIFICATE OF) and will be awarded in accordance with the standard of the course when passed on the relevant Tuubatak Certified Examination Examinations.
    Certified for NDT courses according to ASNT USA.
    (Approved by ASNT NDT Level III According to ASNT)
  • Certificate issued by IOSH UK for safety management courses.
    (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health)
  • Registration conditions:

The definitive registration after the deposit of the related expenses with the account number 0201972335001 is the ayandeh bank of the branch of vesal Shirazi under the name of tubi Tak Consulting Engineers. It is necessary to insert the name and surname of the participants, the name of the company, the name of the course and the date to be inserted in the deposit boxes.

In addition, the curriculum table for the year 2018 is intended to provide comprehensive coverage of various educational areas. For more information, please call 66174082-66406533 – 66488392 021 or email


Download 96th Anniversary Calendar

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